Individual Counseling

We all need support, at times, to help us find our way back to ourselves.

Sometimes we come face to face with ourselves, after a long absence. This is a very, very positive thing. And sometimes, at first, extremely challenging. Disillusionment is, after all, a very constructive occurence despite the sometimes extreme discomfort it entails. This process often occurs following, or just prior, to a significant loss, or potential one. A death, a major change in our relationship or the end of one as we’ve known it, infidelity, a separation or divorce, a period of unemployment or a career change, empty-nest syndrome, a health matter, etc. Extra support during such a phase in life can help one stay grounded and connected to the inner wisdom we all have within. With such inner resources at hand, along with a network of caring friends or family one can wisely deal with the most difficult issues life sometimes confronts us with.