Couples Counseling/Marriage Counseling - In or out of Crisis

Most couples delay seeking help until years, and sometimes decades, have passed with little positive change in the parties’ fundamental challenges with one another.  Our problems often intensify and increase somewhat incrementally until we are suddenly overwhelmed and shocked at the alienation that's occured.  Ultimately, a crisis or two, or the prospect of the relationship coming to an abrupt end, will often motivate one or both of the parties to seek help.

Fortunately, and notwithstanding the fact that their struggles have often become compounded with the passage of time; if the parties stay focused on examining their own behavior, modifying it when they conclude that it isn’t constructive, and above all cease concentrating on their partner's problems and shortcomings; progress begins at once.  When this occurs the challenges facing the couple are typically either resolved with relative dispatch, or it becomes clear where, in fact, the deeper underlying conflicts lie.  Either way, clarity is the result, and this serves both parties well.